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SEP 1, 20163 MIN

Dev Tools Digest – Sep. 26

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Ted Carstensen

Ted Carstensen

Platform Director, Heavybit

In this week’s digest learn about our newest member NodeSource, Rainforest announces an upcoming webinar, Serverless interviews the team behind the hackathon project that put the Australian government to shame, and two brand new podcasts in the Heavybit network: Demuxed & The Secure Developer.

Heavybit Welcomes NodeSource

We announced our newest member NodeSource – a company that provides enterprise-grade solutions for Node.js development and operations. Enterprise adoption of JavaScript and Node.js has been on a steep curve – up 375% year over year. Developers have embraced the ability to quickly develop and run code anywhere, yet still struggle with agility and efficiency in the enterprise. Enter NodeSource. Read the full announcement here.

Rainforest Announces Webinar

Rainforest announced an upcoming webinar titled Women, Company Culture, and Remote Teams: What It’s Like to Work on a Distributed Team. Rainforest will bring together four Rainforest QA women from around the world to chat about their experience working on a distributed team. RSVP for the webinar today.

Serverless For A Better Census

Austin Wilshire and Bernd Hartzer received world-wide attention in August when they built an alternative Australian Bureau of Statistics Census website for $10 million less than the Australian government. Using serverless architecture the two were able to build a better site during a weekend hackathon. Watch the full interview with Serverless CEO Austen Collins and Dev Evangelist David Wells here.

New From Heavybit

Heavybit launched two all new podcasts last week: Demuxed, and The Secure Developer.

Demuxed is a show for and by engineers working with video on the web. In our first episode, hosts Matt, Steve, & Phil are joined by Reinhard Grandl, Solutions Architect at Bitmovin. The group has a great discussion about NAB 2016, 360 video on the web, and what’s next in online video delivery formats. Listen to the episode and read the transcript here.

The Secure Developer is all about security for developers, covering tools and best practices, hosted by Snyk Founder & CEO Guy Podjarny. In our first episode, Guy is joined by Kyle Randolph, Principal Security Engineer at Optimizely. Kyle and Guy discuss the sometimes difficult but always important task of prioritizing security in your engineering organization. Check the full episode and transcript here.

Latest DevCoJobs

Heavybit Member Particle is searching for a Marketing Engagement Manager with experience in content marketing, community engagement, and a passion for IoT. Apply here today.

Check Devcojobs.com for other exciting engineering, sales, marketing, and operations positions at dozens of developer tools companies.

For more developer-based news and content, check back with the Heavybit blog, or browse Heavybit’s Library for in-depth talks from industry leaders on how to grow your company. Is there some news, events or developer related content you’d like to see on the next Heavybit Dev Tools Digest? Contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

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