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SEP 19, 20162 MIN

Dev Tools Digest – Sep. 19

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Malia Powers

    In this week’s Dev Tools Digest, Stripe acquires app prototyping startup Tonic, PagerDuty announces new platform features, Netlify provides a tutorial on the Serverless framework, and Mux releases data on video buffering.

    Stripe + Tonic

    Stripe announced that it has acquired Tonic — an app development and prototyping service. Tonic has rebranded to RunKit and will continue to operate independently. RunKit provides access to a sandboxed JavaScript environment where you can use various node modules without needing to install them, improving the speed and ease of development. Read more here.

    PagerDuty Releases New Features

    At PagerDuty Summit this week PagerDuty rolled out new platform features including Workflow Extensions, Live Call Routing, Response Notes and Enhanced Slack Integration. Read the official event recap here.

    A Serverless Framework Tutorial

    In this two-part tutorial, Netlify walks us through how to install and configure the Serverless Framework command line interface, set up an AWS account and create a sample Lambda function with a URL. Read more here.

    Research Finds Buffering Reduces Video Watch Time By ~40%

    When it comes to watching video online – an increasingly central part of what people do on the Internet – nothing deters users like buffering breaks. Mux’s data shows that just one buffering event decreases the amount of video watched by 39%. Read the full report here.

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