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MAY 16, 20163 MIN

Dev Tools Digest – May 16

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Francisco Fisher

    This week’s Digest contains announcements from PagerDuty, Opsee and CircleCI. There’s also a Java libraries survey from Takipi and a discussion on feature flagging with microservices from LaunchDarkly.

    Top Java Libraries

    Takipi combs through more than 12,000 GitHub libraries to select its “Top 100 Java Libraries for 2016,” as posted to its blog. By analyzing factors such as import statements and ratings, Takipi boils down the top libraries and identifies the most popularly used names that include junit, slfj and Guava.

    Feature Flagging With Microservices

    LaunchDarkly’s Lead Software Engineer Patrick Kaeding lays out how he uses feature flagging for successful rollouts, particularly for microservices. “If you have a feature flag, it affects some big cross-cutting concern that would affect multiple microservices,” he says. “It’s important that you keep those feature flags values in sync.” Read more on feature flagging at LaunchDarkly here.

    Announcements and Updates

    PagerDuty announces the availability of its PagerDuty Services Group, a new way to help consolidate multiple monitoring tools and integrations.

    As part of its CloudWatch integrations, Opsee introduces RDS health checks that incorporate multiple metrics into a single check and thresholds for connection count and memory usage.

    CircleCI calls for participants to contribute to its docs section, which has recently become open source. More information on the company’s change to open source docs can be found here.

    New From Heavybit

    Apiary’s Jakub Mikuláš looks at the current state of API security and the challenges that come with it. “One thing is for sure: it’s very difficult to clearly understand the implications of choosing one protocol or scheme over another.” Read the post on Heavybit’s blog.

    Javier Soltero is CEO and founder of Acompli, which was sold to Microsoft as one of the most capital efficient exits in history. Check out his Heavybit Speaker Series presentation, “Capital Efficiency: Lessons From the Financial Crisis.”

    For more developer-based news and content, check back with the Heavybit blog, or browse Heavybit’s Library for in-depth talks from industry leaders on how to grow your company. Is there some news, events or developer related content you’d like to see on the next Heavybit Dev Tools Digest? Contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

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