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Developing Your Growth Strategy

All businesses need to grow. But scaling your business in a consistent, repeatable way requires a growth strategy that cuts across every team in your organization.

Discover our favorite sessions from the Heavybit library to learn what marketing, sales and product experts have to say about creating, implementing and refining a strategic approach to growth.

Building a Growth Machine with Hubspot VP Brian Balfour

Designing a growth strategy is a daunting task that pays off in the long term. In this talk, Brian Balfour discusses how you can develop a framework for growth that will help your team gain increasing returns over time. 


Watch to learn how to:

  • Build a growth process that aligns your team’s priorities and activities
  • Implement goals and frameworks for repeatable growth
  • Analyze and iterate on growth activities to scale your efforts

Content Marketing for Growth

Content is the cornerstone of many growth strategies. Hiten Shah shares his growth marketing experiences from Quicksprout, KISSmetrics and CrazyEgg on leveraging content to grow your audience.

Early-Stage Growth Metrics and Tooling

How to do you measure and scale growth strategy? This panel features early-stage marketing and growth ops experts on how to tool, measure and iterate your process from day one.

Community-Driven Organic Growth

A developer community can be the gateway to organic growth, especially for enterprise products. Watch this panel for best practices on community growth from C-level executives from Netlify, CloudBees, Google and npm.

Scaling Sales Teams with Jason Lemkin

In this talk SaaStr’s Jason Lemkin shares his learnings on building a highly-effective sales team and lays the groundwork for a long-term SaaS growth strategy.

Growth Strategy Case Studies

Most companies learn the hard way what works and what doesn’t work. Learn how to streamline and optimize your growth strategy by hearing about the successes and failures of teams that have scaled successfully.

The Three Phases of PagerDuty’s Growth

VP of Business Operations Kamal Thakarsey shares how PagerDuty scaled their marketing team through three phases of growth, and how he communicated ROI during each phase.

How LaunchDarkly Built Early Brand Awareness

CEO Edith Harbaugh shares growth marketing tactics that LaunchDarkly used to build awareness and find their first key customers in the early days of the company.

Streamlining Customer Support Processes at Stripe

Keeping customers happy is a critical part of any growth strategy. Monica Brown of the Stripe User Ops team shares how Stripe’s support team stayed collaborative and aligned as they grew rapidly.