Speaker Series: The Defensibility of Developer + Self-Serve Go-to-Market w/ Adam Gross

Date & Time
May 14, 2020
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Between budget freezes, delayed enterprise pilots, and changes in market demand, it’s tougher than ever to close large enterprise deals.

But for those teams that can focus on their developer and self-serve product marketing and sales, there’s a path to sustained revenue. Join ex-Heroku CEO and Dropbox exec Adam Gross as he shares his framework on how developer and enterprise startups can gain early adoption, land, and expand while others are at a standstill. In this session you’ll learn to:

  • Define criteria and activity metrics inherent in each stage of the customer journey;
  • Spot common anti-patterns and failure modes when shifting resources in your GTM, and;
  • Refine your individual and team offerings in order to drive more bottom-up adoption.

Bio: Most recently, Adam Gross was CEO of Heroku. Over his career at Personify,, and Dropbox, Adam has launched tens of developer facing products, and helped create some of the larger developer communities on the web. Adam spent seven years at as Vice President of Platform and Developer Marketing, where he helped grow the company from early-stage to over $1b in revenue. During his tenure, he launched’s Web services API and the platform-as-a-service.