DevGuild Bottom-Up Community




Building a vibrant and loyal developer community is truly hard work, but it’s essential to the long term success of any bottom-up go-to-market strategy. DevGuild: Bottom-Up Community will bring together 200 of the brightest founders, developer community managers, and devrels to discuss the right approach to building communities that last.


DevGuild: Bottom-Up Community is a half-day conference for founders, community managers, and devrels who build and scale developer communities that drive developer love and product revenue.

Through a combination of keynote sessions, case studies, and panels, we’ll guide you through the distinct challenges developer companies face as they establish and scale their developer communities. Hear real stories from seasoned community builders and developer startup founders, and leave with a clear framework for building your own vibrant community.

Past DevGuild speakers include leaders from PagerDuty, Twilio, MuleSoft, GitLab, HashiCorp, Auth0, Stripe, and more.


Topics and themes that we’ll be exploring at DevGuild: Bottom-Up Community include:

  • The tools and services the best community builders use to manage their communities
  • Establishing an ambassador or champions programs
  • Modeling behavior to curate a healthy community for everyone
  • Community onboarding strategies
  • Successfully bringing your online community offline
  • Capturing the energy and excitement of your community to build new partnerships and integrations
  • The ways you can misuse your community

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The following event committee members volunteered their time and expertise to this events topics, design & speaker selection:

Amelia Winger-Bearskin
Dev Evangelist, Contentful

Jana Boruta
Head of Global Events & Experiential Marketing, HashiCorp

Ron Powell
Developer Advocate, Content Producer, CircleCI

Josh Dzielak
Co-Founder and CTO, Orbit

Matt McClure
Co-Founder and Head of Technology & Community, Mux

Jade Wang
Head of DevRel, Cloudflare

Ryan Narod
Director of Marketing, Radar

Knut Melvær
Head of DevRel, Sanity


DevGuild is a community and event series featuring the CEOs, founders, and top execs at leading developer, infrastructure, and B2B SaaS companies defining the future of software development.