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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Heavybit?

Heavybit is a 9-month program for startups building developer products. Our program page has more detail.

Who should apply for Heavybit?

Heavybit works with post-seed startups building products for developers. Check out Cole Krumbholz’s talk for a good definition of what a developer product is.

I don’t yet have seed funding. Can I still apply?

Sure – we won’t offer you membership in the program until after you’ve closed a seed round, but we’re happy to start the conversation early.

When is the next application period for the program?

We accept applications on a rolling basis; apply at any time.

What is the application process?

The first step is to fill out our application form. A member of our investment team will schedule some time with you to discuss your application and answer any questions you have about the program.

From there, you’ll meet with our partners and we’ll come to a decision on admittance.

What does Heavybit cost?

Membership is in exchange for equity and varies with company stage and valuation.

Does Heavybit invest in companies?

Heavybit does not currently directly invest capital in companies.

What happens once I’m accepted?

Once we’ve come to terms, we’ll extend you a formal offer via a warrant agreement. A complete list of the paperwork we’ll ask you to sign is available here.

Does Heavybit provide office space?

We rent desks in our SoMa Clubhouse to member companies. Working from the Heavybit offices is optional; we have several member companies that participate in Heavybit remotely.

What happens after 9 months?

Heavybit alumni remain an active part of our community. Many of our founders become mentors to newer Heavybit members.