Heavybit Team

James Lindenbaum

James Lindenbaum

After founding Heroku, James spent years watching developer-focused startups struggle with unique challenges. He founded Heavybit to bring together the best entrepreneurs and start-ups building the next generation of products for developers.

Tom Drummond

Tom Drummond

Tom looks after the day-to-day operations of Heavybit. He's responsible for managing Heavybit's program, supporting all of our members, and fostering the Heavybit community.

Dana Oshiro

Dana Oshiro

Dana manages Heavybit’s marketing, PR and speaker series curriculum. Previously she’s worked as the Marketing Manager for Code for America, the Sr. Media Analyst for NetShelter (sold to Ziff Davis) and as a content strategist for both Heroku and Salesforce.

Courtney Correll Chaves

Courtney Correll Chaves

Courtney focuses on events, community, and culture at Heavybit. She loves bringing people together, producing unique event experiences, and fostering creativity & collaboration. She previously managed Heroku's event strategy and produced their developer conference, Waza.

Jason Harper

Jason Harper

Jason manages the vibe of Heavybit. From marketing and branding to events and facilities, Jason ensures the Heavybit experience is smooth and productive.

Tim Nguyen

Tim Nguyen

Tim Nguyen is part vibe manager, part ninja. Whether editing video, front-end coding, curating next week's lunch menu, or spinning some old school vinyl, he's always working on the Heavybit experience.

Program Advisors

Our advisors are seasoned operators and investors who are passionate about helping start-ups grow. They can help with everything from go-to-market and pricing, to scaling platforms and operations, to fundraising. They work with our members through the Heavybit speaker series, hands-on office hours, and one-to-one advising.

Orion Henry

Founder, Heroku

Orion Henry is a Heroku co-founder and the mad scientist behind much of the company's infrastructure. Throughout his career he's been solving tough engineering challenges and building & managing large distributed systems.

Adam Wiggins

Founder, Heroku

Adam Wiggins is a Heroku co-founder. As one of Heroku's product visionaries, he's been instrumental in rethinking the modern development life-cycle & how to scale engineering teams effectively.

Steve Anderson

Baseline Ventures

Steve is the founder of Baseline Ventures & one of the most successful early-stage investors in Silicon Valley. Steve's backed some of the most exciting companies in the developer-services market including Crashlytics, CircleCI & Pantheon.

Tony Askew

Reed Elsevier Ventures

Tony is a founding partner of Reed Elsevier Ventures and an investor & board member at several big data, infrastructure & enterprise software companies including SpaceCurve, Netli (acq. by Akamai) & Siperian (acq. by Informatica).

Kevin Brown

Reed Elsevier Ventures

Kevin has been involved in early-stage technology for over 20 years both as an entrepreneur & as an investor. He was a founding partner of RE Ventures & invests in media, cloud & big data including companies such as GigaOM, Inxight & Palantir.

Marty Cagan

SV Product Group

As the founder of SVPG, Marty works with & advises many of the leading technology teams in the world. A real product & design maven, Marty is the author of the best-selling book "INSPIRED: How To Create Products Customers Love."

Derek Collison


Derek is the founder & CEO of Apcera and has over two decades of large-scale, distributed systems experience. Prior to Apcera Derek was CTO & Chief Architect at VMware where he designed & architected the CloudFoundry platform.

John Connors

Ignition Partners

John is a Partner at the early stage venture capital fund, Ignition Partners. He's an active investor in developer-focused companies & sits on the board of Splunk, Opscode & Parse and was previously on the board of Heroku & Xensource.

Jon Dahl


Jon co-founded Zencoder, a Y Combinator-backed cloud audio & video encoding service. As an engineer-founder, Jon wrote software, raised funding, and helped grow a developer-focused business to 1,000 paying customers & real revenue.

Michael Dearing

Harrison Metal

Michael is the founder of Harrison Metal. He's an investor in several developer-focused companies including PagerDuty, StackMob & Recurly and is an expert on productizing emerging technologies, going-to-market, product marketing and pricing.

David Dollar


David Dollar, an architect and head of the Developer Experience (DX) team at Heroku, has worked on many of Heroku's developer-facing tools, including the API, command line client (CLI), foreman, Heroku toolbelt, and many others.

Roger Ehrenberg

IA Ventures

Roger is the founder & managing partner of IA Ventures, an early-stage venture fund. Roger's been an active seed & early-stage investor since 2004 backing start-ups like Bitly, Metamarkets & DataSift that create competitive advantage through data.

Jeremy Edberg


Jeremy is the lead reliability engineer for Netflix. Before Netflix he was Chief Architect and Lead Technologist / Operations Manager for Reddit, where he was responsible for system architecture, hiring and managing all engineers.

Adam Ely

Blue Box

Adam is the co-founder of Blue Box Security. Adam can help start-ups design security strategies & understand how security impacts their ability to close deals. Previously he was CISO at Heroku & before that headed up security for TiVo & Disney.

Ilya Grigorik


lya Grigorik is a web performance engineer at Google. Ilya cofounded AideRSS Inc. in 2007 and serves as its Chief Technology Officer and served as its Chief Architect. He also has extensive experience running his own internet hosting company.

Adam Gross


Adam's an expert marketer who's brought new technology platforms to market both at Dropbox & at Salesforce.com. He's also been an active investor in and advisor to several developer-facing start-ups including Heroku, Dotcloud & Pantheon.

Les Hazlewood


Les is the founder of co-founder and CTO of Stormpath. He's an open source leader and enterprise architect with a particular focus on building large-scale and distributed computing and application security.

Chris Howard

Fuel Capital

Chris is the co-founder of Fuel Capital, an early stage venture fund. Previously at Ignition, Chris invested in Parse, Pagerduty, Zencoder, Mashape, WePay & Hipmunk. Before Ignition, Chris worked in marketing/advertising for Gear.com, Lexus, New Balance, & T-Mobile.

Tyler Jewell


Tyler is CEO of Codenvy, the cloud development environment, & a venture partner at Toba Capital where he leads investments in middleware & app development. He sits on the board of WSO2 & Exo Platform and has invested in Cloudant, Trigger.IO, ZeroTurnaround, InfoQ, and AppHarbor.

Ivan Kirigin


Ivan is a founder of YesGraph and helped Dropbox achieve 12X growth in just over 2 years. Ivan worked on Facebook's virtual currency and cofounded social micropayments system, Tipjoy which attracted funding from both Chris Sacca and Y Combinator.

Bill Lapcevic

New Relic

Bill is a business development pro & application performance management industry veteran. He currently runs Business Development for New Relic and has extensive experience working with the major Cloud & PaaS providers.

Jeremy LaTrasse

Message Bus

Jeremy LaTrasse is co-founder & CEO of Message Bus. He knows how to scale large infrastructure & platforms having previously been co-founder & Operations Manager at Twitter. He's also an active advisor & investor in companies such as Square & SightGlass.

An Le

Trinity Ventures

An Le is an experienced business development executive specializing in partner platform growth and management. She led cloud partner strategy for MongoHQ, built the team behind Yammer’s Partner Platform, and served as Director of Business Development at New Relic.

David Lee

SV Angel

David is a Founder and Managing Partner of SV Angel and arguably one of Silicon Valley's most prolific early-stage investors. Previously he was a founding member of Google’s New Business Development team and led business development at StumbleUpon.

Ping Li

Accel Partners

Ping is a partner at Accel Partners & has over two decades of experience as a technology investor and operating executive. He focuses on cloud computing, networking & security and is responsible for Accel's Big Data fund.

Danielle Morrill


Danielle Morrill joined Twilio in 2009 as Director of Marketing, and grew community from a few hundred developers to more than 100,000. She is currently the co-founder & CEO of Mattermark, which provides startup analysis and insight to firms.

Matt Ocko

Data Collective

Matt is the co-founder of Data Collective, an early-stage venture capital fund focused on big data. Matt & the DCVC team have backed great companies developer-focused companies such as Couchbase, Cloudability, Appurify, Firebase, MongoHQ & Parse.

Geva Perry

Geva Perry is an expert on go-to-market for developer products. He's helped build the go-to-market strategy for companies including Sauce Labs, Heroku & SnapLogic and has been an advisor for New Relic, Twilio, Xeround, JFrog, CloudScaling and many more.

Scott Raney

Redpoint Ventures

Scott is a partner with Redpoint Ventures. With an emphasis on cloud computing & enterprise infrastructure, Scott has invested in & helped grow some of biggest developer-focused success stories including Heroku, Stripe, and Twilio.

Jesse Robbins

OnBeep & OpsCode

Jesse knows DevOps inside out. He's the founder of Opscode & the Velocity Conference and was previously responsible for website availability at Amazon.com. He's also an active investor in & advisor to developer-focused start-ups such as PagerDuty, MessageBus & Fastly.

Chris Sacca

Lowercase Capital

Former Google exec Chris Sacca was an early investor in Twitter. Chris’ fund Lowercase Capital includes Kickstarter, Uber, Lookout, Instagram, Twilio and Heroku. Chris has been named to Forbes’ Midas List.

Geoff Schmidt


Geoff was an inventor of 'audio fingerprinting' and one of the original authors of Miro, the decentralized Internet TV platform. Geoff is the founder of Meteor and also proprietor of Monument, a live/work community for scientists and artists in San Francisco.

Max Schoening


Max is a product designer at Heroku where he both manages the design team and build software. He also founded, designed, and runs the hugely popular CloudApp (cl.ly) that lets designers quickly share large files.

John Sheehan


John is the co-founder & CEO of Runscope. He knows first hand how to get developers engaged and how to drive grass-roots adoption of developer products having led developer evangelism at Twilio and API/Platform at IFTTT.

Brad Silverberg

Fuel Capital

Brad is the co-founder of Fuel Capital, an early stage venture fund. Brad is also a founding Partner of Ignition. He has invested in TellMe, Heroku, Xensource, Sourcelabs, Seven, Skytap, Hipmunk, & Keas. Prior, Brad led the Windows, Internet, and Office businesses at Microsoft.

Alex Solomon


Alex is the co-founder & CEO of PagerDuty. As an Amazon operations veteran he's an expert at keeping large-scale systems up and understands what it takes to make developers & ops teams happy.

Javier Soltero

Redpoint Ventures

Javier knows what it takes to commercialize developer-facing start-ups. As a founder of Hyperic, he grew revenues to over $1m without raising VC, before a successful exit to become VMWare's CTO of SaaS & Apps. Javier is CEO at Acompli.

Chris Stolt


Chris is the Director of Technical Support and Account Management at Heroku. He's an expert on creating and growing technical support organizations. He knows how to make a personal connection with customers while addressing their technical needs.

Zack Urlocker


Zack Urlocker is an executive, investor, advisor and board member with over twenty years of experience in the software industry. He has held executive positions at Active Software, MySQL and most recently as Chief Operating Officer at Zendesk.

Olivia Teich

Jive Software

Olivia Teich led the releases of Jive 4.5, 5, 6, and Cloud, and now leads the product teams focused on personal mobile and real-time experiences. Prior to Jive, she led product, marketing, and UX for successful consumer and business products including platforms at Yahoo!.