Treat Your CLI Like An API

The Good, The Bad, & The Fugly

Baking DX Into Your Culture

Leveraging Your Enterprise Partnerships

Ep. #1, Driving Adoption With Your Product Launches

Beta Testing for Early Developer Teams

Building an Enterprise Roadmap

Ep. #17, Open Source Economics

Ep. #4, Affordances for Developers

DX and Open Sourcing at Netflix

Ep. #4, Feat. Heavybit’s James Lindenbaum

Ep. #3, Feat. Russ Smith & Guy Podjarny

Product Development and Otherness

Fixing Heroku’s Pricing

Building a Growth Machine

Growth Hacking is BS

Best Practices in Dev to Production Parity for Containers

Lean Product Design

Data-Driven Product Changes with Venmo and Instacart

How Great Documentation Drives Developer Adoption

Designing for User Adoption

Move Fast, Don’t Break the API

Developer Experience Design

From YC to Liquidity: Behind the Curtain

Product Strategy for Start-ups

The Anatomy of Heroku’s Product Team

Containers and Clustering

Minimum Viable Product for Platforms


Designing for Developers

Designing a Beautiful REST+JSON API

Google Dev Evangelist on HTTP 2.0

Strategies for Security: When, Why, How

Scaling for Success and Failure at Reddit and Netflix