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Ep. #8, What’s In A Security Policy?
February 16, 2017

with Geva Solomonovich

In this episode of The Secure Developer, Geva Solomonovich, COO at Snyk and founder of Snowy Peak Security joins Guy to discuss security policies, and why you shouldn’t wait to implement your own.

Ep. #7, Understanding Container Security
January 30, 2017

with Ben Bernstein

In this episode of The Secure Developer, Ben Bernstein from Twistlock joins Guy to discuss container security. Are you currently using containers, or thinking about moving to containers in your stack? You won’t want to miss this episode.

Ep. #6, Developer War Games: Capture The Flag!
January 10, 2017

with Danny Grander

In episode #6 of The Secure Developer, Guy is joined by his co-founder Danny Grander for an in depth discussion on CTF (Capture The Flag) competitions in the security world. Learn about the differences between jeopardy style and attack-defense CTFs, the future of AI powered hacking (and defense!), and where you should start if you’re interested in playing.

Ep. #5, Continuous Security at Chef
November 15, 2016

with Adam Jacob

In the fifth installment of The Secure Developer, Guy talks with Chef CTO Adam Jacob about the role security can play in DevOps and continuous integration/deployment. They cover the differences between baked-in and bolted on security and how automation with Habitat can change the way developers approach secure coding.

Ep. #4, Getting Down To The Metal
November 5, 2016

with Eric Lawrence

In episode #4 of The Secure Developer, Guy is joined by Eric Lawrence of the Google Chrome security team. Eric and Guy begin with a discussion on what it takes to be a great security engineer – namely curiosity and a willingness to learn. Later they discuss the growing importance of the modern web browser, and how security previously only found in operating systems is now moving into browsers themselves. Finally they discuss the current state of HTTPS, including the carrots and the sticks that browser designers like Eric have at their disposal.

Ep. #3, Security From The Start
October 26, 2016

with Sabin Thomas

In episode 3 of The Secure Developer, Guy is joined by Sabin Thomas, VP of Engineering at Codiscope, where he creates tools that help developers build and deploy secure code faster. The two discuss the difficulties presented by the accelerating release of new tools and frameworks, the problem of too many sticks and not enough carrots, and the benefits of designing with security in mind from the start.

Ep. #2, Making Security A Requirement
October 10, 2016

with Gergely Nemeth

In this episode of The Secure Developer, Guy hosts RisingStack Founder and CEO Gergely Nemeth. The pair discuss the difficulties of selling security as a requirement, some of the most common attack vectors used on today’s web, and finally about the work Gergely is doing on Trace, a Node.js focused tool that makes debugging code simple.

Ep. #1, Prioritizing Secure Development
September 22, 2016

with Kyle Randolph

In our first episode, Guy is joined by Kyle Randolph, Principal Security Engineer at Optimizely. Kyle and Guy discuss the sometimes difficult but always important task of prioritizing security in your engineering organization. Kyle shares stories from his time at Optimizely, Adobe, and Twitter.