Library Podcasts

Ep. #13, Staying Cool With Graphcool
May 11, 2017

with Johannes Schickling & Eli Williamson

In the latest episode of JAMstack Radio, Brian invites Johannes Schickling and Eli Williamson to discuss Graphcool, a flexible backend platform combining GraphQL & AWS Lambda.

Ep. #12, FaaS and the Benefits of Serverless
April 27, 2017

with Ryan Scott Brown & David Wells

In the latest episode of JAMstack Radio, Brian invites Ryan Scott Brown and David Wells to examine the rise of Functions as a Service (FaaS). They discuss common use cases for FaaS and break down the cost benefit of using a service like Lambda instead of a more traditional server. Ryan also discusses the main players in the space and some of the vendor lock ins you should expect across the spectrum when using FaaS.

Ep. #11, Exploring GraphQL Through Apollo
March 23, 2017

with Sashko Stubailo & Jonas Helfer

In this episode of JAMstack Radio, Sashko Stubailo and Jonas Helfer from Meteor discuss Apollo, a set of tools developed to make GraphQL easier to use.

Ep. #10, Inside Free Code Camp’s Self Study Program
March 15, 2017

with Quincy Larson & Berkeley Martinez

Join Quincy Larson, Founder of Free Code Camp and Berkeley Martinez, CTO of Free Code Camp for a discussion on the ‘self study together’ approach that has grown their community to over 350,000 monthly active users.

Ep. #9, Shifting WordPress to the JAMstack
February 17, 2017

with Daniel Olson & Shinichi Nishikawa

In the latest episode of JAMstack Radio, Brian speaks with Dan Olson and Shinichi Nishikawa about Shifter, a serverless WordPress hosting solution that pre-renders your site and serves static HTML via CDN. Listen in for details on how Shifter works to deliver better speed and security for WordPress sites.

Ep. #8, Isomorphic Rendering in the JAMstack
February 3, 2017

with Phil Hawksworth & Eli Williamson

In the latest episode of JAMstack Radio, Brian speaks with Phil Hawksworth, Technical Director at R/GA and Eli Williamson, Creative Director at Netlify about Isomorphic rendering in the JAMstack.

Ep. #7, DraftJS & Rich Text Editing On The Web
December 27, 2016

with Nik Graf

In this episode of JAMstack Radio, Brian Douglas and Mathias Biilmann of Netlify are joined by Serverless’ Nik Graf, co-creator of DraftJS Plugins. On the agenda for this discussion is the emergence of new and better rich-text editors, and how React has changed the game for front-end developers.

Ep. #6, Style Guides at Airbnb
December 13, 2016

with Harrison Shoff

In the sixth episode of JAMstack Radio, Netlify’s Brian Douglas and Cassandra Salisbury are joined by Airbnb Design Engineer Harrison Shoff for a discussion on linters, what makes for a good style guide and why they are so important for growing engineering teams.

Ep. #5, GraphQL At GitHub
November 10, 2016

with Kyle Daigle

In Ep. #5 of JAMstack Radio, Brian and Ryan talk to GitHub Platform Engineering Manager Kyle Daigle about what makes GraphQL such a great query tool, especially for open-source projects. Fresh from the GraphQL Summit, Daigle shares his observations about who’s using it and why he can’t wait for it to be “uncool.”